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tonight: >> i got that from my left town upbringing. when i used to go out to play o'reilly, what are you going to do. >> a lot of interrupting and it was pushing. you can't do that now. >> bill: bold fresh tour launches and predictably the liberal press attacks. >> i appreciate you guys coming out on saturday night to see two slugs like us. thank you very much. >> i'll treat you like a lady so act like one. the question to you is what did you vote for? >> bill: why did senator arlen specter try to rough up congresswoman michele bachmann on the radio. she will be here. >> the recovery act the president passed saved more than 2 million jobs against 7 million, it is cold comfort to those who still are looking. >> bill: also, bernie goldberg will run down the obama offensive on the sunday shows. was the questioning tough enough enough? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the bold fresh tour begins and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. on saturday night in long island, new york west bury to be exact. the bold glenn beck and the fresh bill o'reilly took the stage in front of a sold out house. judging from crowd reaction everybody had a good time, including the bold fresh guys. >> peter jennings used to work for abc news. peter said you have to lose that edge. i said you know, peter, i don't think so. and now i'm making like twice as much money that peter made. [ laughter ] but he was a good guy. peter was a good guy. he is a little -- but he was a good guy. he said why don't you wear those little pocky hankies, i said i don't know one human being who wear as pocket hanky. nobody but you.
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if i go to page lane with a pocket hanky, i will get beat up. people will hit me, peter. i will have swelling. >> uh-oh. i swear we have. >> bill: wait a minute. you have a woman cheering the bag. did you hear that woman in the woman cheered the bag. you have ought to give that to her. >> are you getting sick, too? >> bill: whoever cheered the bag. would you like it? it's kind of like elvis with the scarf. beck with the bag. >> bill: we are not encouraging the press tour because we know in a presentation the liberal media will pull two or three lines out of context to try to hurt us. we were not surprised when news day a very left wing paper totally distorted the tour. instead of reporting what actually happened writer dave marcus made it into a republican-democrat story saying that beck and i were shilling
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for the g.o.p. the news day writer quoted two guys who are paid by the democratic party but did not use one quote, not one from any of the 3,000 people in attendance. basically news day put forth that beck and o'reilly are out there trying to get votes for the republicans and run down the democrats. now, if you watch the factor and/or the glenn beck program, you know that both of us have been very critical of the republican party. i'm a registered independent. beck is unaffiliated with any party. and while beck does not like president obama's policies at all, i'm not an obama barber. in fact, that disturbed some in the crowd on saturday night. i believe the president could be very effective leader if he would just drop the liberal orthodoxy that is obviously creating chaos across the country. i also believe the republican party is basically rudderless right now and needs to get a coherent message that would give us americans hope for a better future. the g.o.p. badly needs to unite around a central theme. right now the party is split
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between hard-right conservatives and moderates. but that has nothing to do with the bold fresh tour. beck and i launched this deal so we could talk to you in person and it is selling out everywhere. that really annoys operations like news day. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. why is the republican party having so much trouble presenting a united front. joining us from washington fox fox news chief analyst brit hume. there is a 65% point gap between democrats, 88% of them like the president's policies and republicans 23% don't like his policies. that's the largest gap ever, ever, in the history of this kind of polling. so, there is -- united against president obama's policies. i don't think the party is united but you disagree, huh? >> die, bill. i think the party is far more united than i imagined it could be a year ago. as you said a big part of that
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is president obama has succeeded in union fighting them that i don't think any republican or group of republicans could have. his policies have not only made it easier to join together to voted against them but they have also done poorly which has made them and to an increasing extent him unpopular and them, naturally, in a two-party more. so look at the races, particularly the one in massachusetts last week. the tea party activists were in there a lot of people thought state of massachusetts, tea party activists that's not but trouble for scott brown. scott brown ran on a very basic kind of republican mainstream platform, lower taxes, lower spending, strong military defense, no treatment of terrorists as if they were the kind of guys that hold up liquor stores. answered he carried the state by decisive margin. republicans had no trouble union fighting uniting behind that agenda. i suspect that will be meeddle for the republicans throughout the year. >> bill: as you know, it was independents that put brown over the top.
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let's take florida, for example. the senatorial race there. you have got the governor, charlie crist, a moderate republican, and then you have got the challenger rubyio a conservative republican. that is a tough race. republicans are split in florida and other places colorado is one. bit. >> brit: the presence of a primary contest is not necessarily the sign of a party that is deeply divide. let us wait and see who wins that primary and see then whether the party can unite behind that candidate. >> bill: you know it's a conservative tea party hard-right people against the john mccain, charlie crist moderate republican. you know those factions are fighting it out within the republican party, much like the far left, which has captured president obama's attention and that's why he is is having so much trouble is fighting the moderate democrats in that party. so, it seems to me that if the
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republicans can finally get one or two things that they can all agree upon, and get that message out, they would be far better off. bret. >> brit: well, i don't disagree with that and in the scott brown race they found two or three things they can get behind. most republicans can support reductions in spending. most republicans tax cuts much of which ronald reagan united the party around. most republicans can support strong defense and most republicans can be oppose to the method of handling of these terrorist suspects that has been introduced by the president and his administration. the president has provided the opportunity. there is no doubt about that a different president could have very shrewdly divided the republican party. this party manifestly has not done that. no because he hasn't adopted any of their policies as bill clinton did when he got in trouble. who is the leader of the republican party in your opinion right now? >> bill: i don't think. >> i don't think the republican party at this moment has a single leader it doesn't have
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anybody holding any offices of any particular power that would confer the kind of leadership that that would -- >> bill: isn't that a disdisadvantage for them they don't have anybody in waiting, anybody that puts a face on the republican party? they just don't have anybody. >> perhaps so. offender, there is an advantage to that. which means if things are going badly and the country right now perceives that things are going very badly indeed, the republicans, because they hold majorities in neither house and they don't have the white house, are not going to be held responsible for blamed for anything that's going wrong. that's why it's such a mistake for this president to keep on laying the blame on president bush for all that's going wrong now. he correctly says that polls show or at least his aides say that polls show that people blame president bush for the condition of the economy. but this man was elected to fix it the economy remains unfixed. so the people at the same time may blame president bush for how he got here, but they plainly also are going to blame president obama for not fixing the problem. and the republicans have no share of that blame.
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>> bill: okay. and i think the polls show that that is, you know, done, if they continue that, the democrats will lose. i have got a minute left. president obama is going to othrow the folks some perks wednesday night. he is going to give the money. to try to bring the anger level down. is that going to work? >> i have to wait and see what he proposes. it seems to me he needs more than a few items here or there. he needs a course correction of a major and highly noticeable kind. it's a little hard to ask him within eight days after the seismic events in massachusetts to make such a big course correction. if he doesn't come around to that in the fullness of time i think the penalty to him and his party will be indeed. >> bill: if he just bores everybody to tears and says things are getting better when people don't feel they are getting better, he is going to get deeper into the hole. >> i don't disagree with that remember, bill, think of all of the state of the union addresses you and i have witnesses all
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over the years. >> bill: they make me weep. >> boring things in the world no matter who is giving it they are enough to make a grown man weep. i have remember about three things that have been said in the state of the union addresses. i don't think this is going to be any different. >> bill: next on the rundown, juan and mary katharine will weigh in on whether the republican party can really make a comeback. later, the big haitian telethon raised about 60 million bucks. will the money ever get to the folks in the factor has been investigating coming up. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission,
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>> shepard: politics having so much trouble county republican party regroup. according to public policy polling, if the election were held today, president obama would lose to, wait for it, mike huckabee. that is correct. the governor would beat the
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president according to this polling but he would beat mitt romney and sarah palin. we should note that a new fox news poll has president obama ahead of all the republicans by much larger percentage. joining from us washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. who is the leader of the republican party. >> i wouldn't trust those polls that's pretty laughable. >> bill: those are democratic polls. that's a democratic polling machine. >> you know what, bill? stick with the fox news poll. i am telling you right now nobody can beat obama on the republican side. let me just say what is the deal with you wearing a seat suit in your hometown out in long island, i see glenn beck he looks comfortable. you look like you are going to a funeral. >> bill: beck, he stopped by k-mart. he dressed up. >> bill is a classy guy. >> bill: they spend a lot of money to see us. they don't want to see me in
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short pants. it's frightening. i had nice clothes on and showing respect for the audience, juan. something that you should take note of. >> thank you for the instruction. >> bill: you are welcome. who is the leader of the republican party? >> well, you know right now you would have to say it's whoever is in charge of the tea party. i say then people like sarah palin jumped to the lead and even your polls indicated obama would swamp her. i don't care who takes the poll. then you start to look maybe beyond sarah palin. to people to capture some of the populous energy. i think is a driving force on the republican side. the energy that carried cold front brown to victory. and you really come up short. i don't think mitt romney has that capacity. he doesn't have that energy to him. is he very attractive candidate. very strong candidate is he going to be the man of the people? i don't know. we will see. >> bill: from what i'm hearing from you there isn't one person that you believe is a republican leader right now. do you concur, mary katharine?
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i think there is a group of people who are the leaders. frankly, juan, a lot of democrats want to skip forward to 2012 and look for one leader because 2010 is going to be bad for them. they are trying to fast forward here here is the bottom line. 58% to 38% people prefer a smaller government with fewer services for them. this is the touch stone. it doesn't -- in a way it doesn't matter how united the g.o.p. is because iindependents, moderates, and hard conservatives are all fiscal conservatives. scott brown talked like a fiscal conservative. he may be a moderate on some issues but that's the point that you run on. >> bill: that's true. look, we all know that cutting taxes shawler government, tough defense particularly against terrorists are going to unite the republican party. brit hume is absolutely correct in saying that. that's beyond any doubt at all. those three things. i will reiterate that smaller government, cutting taxes to stimulate the economy, tough defense, especially on terror.
8:16 pm
all republicans are going to come into that tent. however, you do have a split, juan, among the tea party people who are very, very anti government and the john mccain moderate republicans who believe that government has to have a strong role, say, in regulating campaign finance ads. regulating illegal immigration. all of that. so, that split exists inside the republican party. >> yeah. here is the real dynamic for you, bill. what happens if you get a tea party candidate who wins the republican nomination? there are going to be a bunch of republican primaries around the country. you are going to have the john mccains of the world running, and then you are going to have tea party people challenging them. if the tea party people win, how does the republican establishment respond? it the tea party people don't win do they walk away disgruntled? >> bill: that's a good question.
8:17 pm
j.d. hayworth is going to be a tea party guy and he is going after mccain's seat in arizona. so, juan actually made a good point tonight that this kind of dynamic. [ laughter ] >> bill: you make fun of my clothes and i will get you williams, you know that. >> i know that. >> bill: he made a good point tonight, is that that you have these primaries coming up. florida is the most fascinating to me. if the tea party people get butt kicked and established republicans win rrkts tea party people going to say blank you, we are going to form our own party? >> right. look, two counter points. one, one called sarah palin the head of the tea party movement. certainly many in the tea party movement love her. who is she campaigning for in arizona? john mccain. when it came to scott brown who is a moderate on many issues, maybe not the ultimate tea party candidate in the model of other people. the tea parties came and gave money and helped this guy out. they're sensible folks who believe in government responsibility and want the government to stop raising taxes
8:18 pm
instead of cutting spending in tough times. that's the bottom line. >> bill: do you believe that this tea party movement -- and glenn beck, let's be honest about it, he is one of the guys that started this thing. and that's why. >> absolutely. >> bill: that's why the liberal press hates his guts so much. beck, you know, gave the tea party people a platform. gave them momentum and so did talk radio to some extent. but, mary katharine, can the tea party people overwhelm the republican establishment and seize power in your opinion? >> good question. >> well, i think one, they maybe could and, two, that might not be a bad thing. part of the argument that tea party folks are making is that, hey, we don't necessarily need to run a super moderate in california. we can run a competent local smart conservative candidate like marco rubyio and you may succeed. if it turns out they are savvy enough to run somebody like
8:19 pm
rubio and lift him to the top. >> bill: do you know when that primary in florida is. >> i don't know the exact date. >> bill: we will find out. >> i want to go back to something you said. >> bill: 20 seconds. >> right now the party is rudderless. they don't have a coherent message. the thing that's bringing tea party together more than anything is president obama. the tea party people don't like him. >> bill: that is a coherent message though. we don't like what is he doing. >> yes. it's good for the obama. >> bill: i have got to go. >> there you go. >> it's not going to get you the independent voters. >> we are already getting them. >> bill: directly ahead michelle balk man treated badly by arlen specter on the radio. we will tell you why. interviews too soft when interviewing members of the obama administration. moments away.
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>> bill: by the way, the florida primary is in august. it's always a nice time to be in the sunshine state. [cy -- sigh. last week a radio program in philadelphia where arlen specter and michele bachmann were guests debating obama care. it did not go well. >> now, wait a minute, i will stop and you can talk.
8:23 pm
>> bill: what was he talking about? joining us now from saint paul, minnesota is congresswoman bachmann. i may have to interrupt you but i'm not going to tell to you act like a lady. act like a lady. what is he talking about? all right. let's just set this up. you are debating obama care. clearly, you were saying, look, i don't want the government to take over the health industry. >> right. >> bill: what didn't arlen specter understand about that? >> well, you know, i think last week was so much pentagon-up frustration for the democrats. in light of what happened to scott brown overwhelmingly winning in massachusetts, you
8:24 pm
could just feel the tension, bill, last week in washington, d.c. with democrats, i think it was very ditch for them to come to terms with what had just happened, perhaps that's what happened. this was my first time to ever meet senator specter in person but i also wanted to say that he did call me yesterday at my home. he apologized. i accepted his apology. and we said let's just go back to washington. >> bill: good for him. >> work together and move forward. i give him that. >> bill: a couple of observations. number one, you were magnificent, the way you kept your cool and declarative sentences and you destroyed him. people should understand there are a couple ways to debate. you could have gone right after him and said you are disrespectful. don't talk down to me you are condescending. i would have done that like an idiot. i probably would have played right into specter's hands and been worse than he was. but you were so cool and just destroyed him with, i am a lady.
8:25 pm
now, here's the question. were you aware of what was happening? did you have to restrain yourself from being more, you know, aggressive toward him? >> well, we sat about 12 inches apart from each other and i was frankly stunned by the interchange but i was really talking about the substance. i was talking about the substance of not only health care but the out-of-control spending and i really wanted to get to my points because, to me, this sort of thing is kind of a circus side show. what's really happening is our country, which is spending more money than we can possibly afford to pay back, the concerns with national security, health care, this weekend the president said he is planning on going forward with health care, so, those are the issues that i really was worried about. not really this kind of circus side show. >> bill: okay. now, why do you think, other than frustration from the massachusetts election, that a veteran guy like specter has been through it all, i mean, he has seen it all, he is a crusty old guy. i mean, there is no doubt about
8:26 pm
it. he doesn't like to be challenged. he doesn't like to be interrupted. he has been in the senate for a very long period of time. but, it seemed to me that he was more annoyed with you personally that thrtion there was a personal edge there. did you feel that? >> i wouldn't know why, again, because it was the first time i met him. but what it seemed to me, bill, it was emblematic of what happened last week. the voters have seen an arrogance come out of washington, d.c. and i think that's kind of what you heard in that interchange, in that radio conversation, was a sense of arrogance that came out and telling the people, the little guy to kind of sit down and shut up, washington knows better. that is not true. and i think the american people right now are trying to tell washington, listen to us. we have figured out some things. listen to us. we don't want you spending this money we don't have. we don't want you taking over our health care. >> bill: i have got to ask you a question because we had discussed it before you came on the first couple of segments.
8:27 pm
have you been involved with the tea party movement to some exat the present time. i know you have spoken to those groups. do you see attention between the tea party people and so-called moderate establishment republicans? >> well, i think that what we are seeing is that the republican party is waking up, too. they are recognizing that the real uprising happening across america isn't just about republicans. it's about disaffected democrats, independents, republicans, saying wait a minute, the country isn't working anymore. let's get back to balance here. and i think now we're seeing elements in the republican party listen to the people. that's why. >> bill: i know i just interrupted you. >> go ahead. >> bill: will the tea party people become the dominant force of the republican party? >> well, i think they will. and if the republican party is smart, they will embrace the tea party movement. >> bill: all right. congresswoman thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. that big telethon raised nearly
8:28 pm
$60 million. will the money get to the suffering people? we are investigating. then bernie goldberg on whether tv interviews are afraid to conduct tough talks with the obama people. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we make the sale. we make our month. we make our year. will you have 3g coverage when you need it most ? kick the small-business blues
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8:31 pm
part. getting the money to the people who are suffering. now, we tried to get someone attached to the telethon to speak to us tonight. we were not successful and that is not a good sign. joining us now from chicago greg simon seini who consults for charitable organizations. i want to be careful. i want people to be charitable to the haitian people. myself have given to the island nation for ha long time. we called up the telethon, which was based out of mtv and said, look, we just need somebody to just run through the process where the money goes, how it is distributed, what the time frame is, all of that. we have got dvd albums in play. we have got all kinds of stuff coming in. they could not or would not supply us a spokesperson tonight. and that just worries me. does it worry you? >> yeah. i think you are asking the right questions. the record of celebrity
8:32 pm
telethons is somewhat spotty. and it's primarily because celebrities really don't understand the very complicated world of not-for-profits. in this instance, they, you know, you have to be able to identify not-for-profits that have a long track record on the ground in haiti, have a track record of providing disaster relief both as first responders and as second responders. i think the organizers, as far as i can tell, did a decent job in working with some outsiders to identify seven organizations they were going to give to. but the money is being passed through an organization called the entertainment industry foundation. the entertainment industry foundation, again, as far as i can tell, primarily supports medical research. they have a very small prommatic prommatic -- programmatic staff. the question will be who gets how much money at what time for
8:33 pm
what purpose? >> bill: there is absolutely no transparency. now, the organizations that you named, i will read them off, the clinton-bush haiti fund, united nations world food program, ox familiar america. partners in health. wyclef jean's charity. the haiti foundation which has had some problems. mr. jean has hired professionals now because he know hes he has had problems. it has to be transparent. right now there is zero transparency about this telethon. where does the money go? does it go to a central bank in new york? is it going to be distributed evenly? who is going to get the percentages? how are they going to get the money to the iltd? there are no banks on the iltd. haiti doesn't have a banking industry. how is that going to happen? none of that is explained. i think it should have been thought out ahead of time. don't you? >> i do. i think that the risk is that money will not go to this mix of
8:34 pm
organizations in an appropriate way. >> bill: look what happened after 9/11. look at the chaos after 9/11 with the united way and all of that we sorted that out. and but it was hell. we had to go through hell to get some transparency on that. >> it's very difficult. it's primarily because most people think that all of these organizations do exactly the same thing. so, for example, the american red cross is a first responder organization. and one of the risks that they have run in the past and they have been called out on this, is that they raise more money than what they need for that first response. so, when they pull out, they then take the excess money and they put it into sort of a general fund. >> bill: they don't do that anymore though. though -- they told us they don't do it anymore. >> the challenge though is the donor has to decide -- should be deciding which organization they want to give to for what purpose. and i also think there is another issue with regard to haiti. if you are going to give,
8:35 pm
whether it's through this telethon or directly to one of these organizations, you have to sort of give with eyes wide open. this is a, you know, haiti is a country in the best of times with the barely functioning highly corrupt government. and extraordinary poverty. and i think that they there are going to be some disappointments and the organizers of the telethon need to be upfront about that. >> bill: i think they have got to get out and hold a press conference very soon and explain where all this money is going. again, i don't want to discourage anybody from giving. you should give. but i would go with catholic charities, doctors without borders and red cross right now. thank you very much. when we come back, bernie goldberg on asking the obama administration tough questions. some tv people are having a hard time doing that later, why is this dog playing the piano? moments away. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, paving the way for the state of the union address by president obama on wednesday. some of the president's main advisors hit the sunday shows. >> scott brown explicitly campaigned against the obama agenda. >> well, look, that may be what he campaigned on but that's not why the voters of washington -- of massachusetts sent him to washington. more people voted to express
8:39 pm
their support for barack obama than to oppose him. his approval rating among that electorate was 61%. their enthusiasm for republican policies, among that electorate, was for republicans was 40%. >> you are not suggesting this was a mandate for barack obama? >> no, no, no. of course not. >> we are no longer losing 700,000 jobs a month. we have cut that number to less than 10%. we have turned the economy around. we are moving forward in the right direction. >> you can't say, i'm sorry, you can't say you turned the economy around when 4 million jobs lost on the president's watch when the debt is higher and stimulus did not produce the jobs that the administration said it would. >> well, i actually disagree with everything you just said. >> bill: the question can a tv journalist really get tough with any presidential administration. joining us from miami fox news analyst bernie goldberg wearing a pocket hanky this evening. >> that's right of the bill, do you want to do something about it. >> bill: we might have to. i wouldn't. we would send guys to do it. >> the point you made about how in your old neighborhood they
8:40 pm
would beat you up. listen, your old neighborhood was the french riveria compared to my old neighborhood. i would have been a dead man if i walked around like this. >> bill: where was that you? were brought up in port-au-prince? >> the south bronx. >> bill: okay. i have no argument with that. we heard the two toughest questions by chris wallace and gregory. but most of it was powder puff stuff on sunday. and, you know, the obama administration softening up the nation for the state of the union on wednesday. and my question is can these people really challenge i mean in a serious way, like a debate way or will the administration basically say look, we will never talk to you again, so you better not do that. >> i don't think that's the problem. i don't think they would say that to anybody but fox. but, i think the bigger issue is that reporters aren't prosecutors. reporters can't badger the witness. you invite somebody on. you ask questions.
8:41 pm
if they evade, if they spin, you point this out in a follow-up question. you ask it a little tougher and little different way. if they do it again. you move on because the audience is going to get it. the audience is going to see this stuff and say, come on, these guys are just -- they are not telling the truth or they are putting the best face on a bad situation. i give the audience enough credit to spot that. but i don't think it's the reporter's job to badger a guest. remember, these people are guests that we invite in to our studios. so, i'm not as upset with what happened on sunday as you. >> bill: okay. but if what you say is true, i deserve to be taken off the air immediately. >> yes. that's a good point. >> bill: i just should vanish right now because i'm the top badger of all time. >> that's right. >> bill: in fact, when i go to western canada, bangers -- badgers wave at me and go like.
8:42 pm
this the barney frank interview being the classic example. >> bill: there is two ways to interview informational which is what the sunday programs have been historically bvmentd now they have changed a little bit. confrontational when you hear something that patently isn't true or that is just absurd on its face then you say come on. like mike wallace he did that balancing act at 60 minutes "his whole career and i admire him. sometimes you have to get down and dirty. sometimes you have to. >> i think come on is okay. i have done that in interviews. on the third time around you say to them, "come on, are you really saying". >> bill: like mike did. >> yeah. there is a big difference between that and getting into a fist fight with barney frank. now, i know the factor audience loved that but i don't think you do that on a sunday morning. do you? >> bill: it depends on if you want to wake these people up or not. no i have got maybe in 13 years
8:43 pm
maybe four or five times at that level. the reason that that happened is because there were, with all due respect to the congressman who has been back on the program, he wasn't telling the truth. it was obvious he wasn't telling the truth. it very, very precarious situation where people were getting hurt. they were getting absolutely hurt and he was on national television not telling the truth. and it's my job to look out for the folks. my job is to look out for the people. see, i see myself different than the sunday morning interviewers. their job is to represent their news organizations. it's not my job. my job is to represent the people that are watching. when i see somebody trying to harm them, i'm going after them right here, right in their throat. but i don't purport to be the guy that you should emulate. i'm not saying that i disagree with you. i think that if you are tough in an aggressive manner when the obama administration, the bush administration before it, and i have said this, there is a line you can walk up to with a president. you can't go over the line or you will never get any of their people again. that's the power they hold. >> you must always be
8:44 pm
respectful. respectful. >> bill: right of the office. of the office. >> but if you are aggressive, and if, and i don't think this is the case, and if they cut off access or they hurt you in some way, too bad. that's the price you pay for being an honest reporter. and they want to get their message out. that's what they are about. and i don't think they are going to take revenge on somebody for asking the tough questions. >> bill: they will. >> but if a reporter is afraid of asking tough questions. >> bill: that's why they are afraid. they want them to come back. look, what you saw what the obama administration tried to do last fall and their new communications director is doing the same thing now. we're not a legitimate news organization. yeah, they will come on once in a while. but, you know, this is because of the criticism they have received on this network in some quarters. >> but this is the only network that they would pull that on. they will never pull that on nbc, abc. >> bill: because they will never do it.
8:45 pm
those networks would never be as tough as we are. >> well, but they would still -- it doesn't matter. i mean, they just wouldn't do it to those people. there are only one news organization that they are at war with, and i can't figure it out. it's is stupid. and that's fox. it doesn't make any sense. >> bill: no, it doesn't. not with our numbers. >> the numbers from last year to this year. >> bill: unbelievable. >> fox has a lot more viewers. they are not all right wing conservatives. fox, the president and his people need to speak to those new fox viewers. >> bill: absolutely. we are hoping we get them. >> they shouldn't be at war with fox. it makes no sense at all. >> bill: bernie, i have got to go. >> it's the media equivalent of what they're doing to the bankers. >> okay. in a moment, reality check zeros in on waterboarding and a piano-playing dog. there he is. right back with check. [ male announcer ] a bad cold hits your whole body. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels rush relief everywhere you need it. it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel,
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so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels.
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8:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where we clear things up so that even i can understand them. check one, very divisive issue in america is coach coercive interrogation of terrorist suspects. waterboarding was written by author of the book courting disaster, the cia kept america safe and how barack obama is
8:49 pm
inviting the next attack and cnn correspondent christian okay that poor. >> do you support torture. >> it isn't torture. >> i know you don't call it torture. >> extreme pain. >> there have been so many misstatements told by the enhanced interrogation techniques comparing them to the spanish inquisition. i am telling you christiane you are one of the people spreading these mistruths. >> excuse me? >> bill: went on to waterboarding in training in no permanent damage. the debate will never end and the president has outlawed all waterboarding by american authorities. check two the associated press is reporting that the underwear bomber was intear interrogated almost an hour on christmas day without his miranda rights being read to him. umar faruq abdul mutallab gave useful information before he be ordered a lawyer. here is something i did not
8:50 pm
umar's alleged rights were not violated by the fbi because the agency has the right to question a suspect without a lawyer present if the feds are trying to end a threat to public safety. isn't that interesting? reports are that after umar got the attorney, he pretty much shut down the information flow. check three, the trial of khalid sheikh mohammed here in new york city may cost more than $200 million a year in manpower and security costs and the city is horrified by the expense. when asked if he was consulted by the obama administration about the trial, police commissioner ray kelly said this: >> we were not given the opportunity to make a recommendation. [ laughter ] this was, on the morning of november 13th, i received call from the u.s. attorney around the same time the mayor received a phone call from the attorney general stating that the announcement was going to be made. >> bill: unbelievable. check thinks the whole deal is a huge mistake as you know, one
8:51 pm
that president obama will regret in the future. this is not money well-spent. and if anything goes wrong, all hell is going to break loose. check four, get ready for the jet pack. later this year you will be able to purchase a gasoline-powered device that has flight time of 30 minutes and can go as high as 8,000 feet. of course, you could be attacked by crows and the pack itself weighs 250 pounds so there is a downside. you will, however, be a able to avoid traffic and the gizmo does contain a chair shoot just in case. might want to note the cost, about $100,000. so, check advises that you bring a large check if you want the jet pack. and finally sore some reason people like to see animals on the internet. the latest sensation romeo the dog. ♪ ♪
8:52 pm
♪ >> bill: and it goes on and on and on. thousands of folks have dialed up romeo, who is, of course, not actually playing anything. he is just pounding the keys. forgive me but i cannot understand any of this, but if it makes people happy, check is down with it as puff daddy might say. and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck featuring sean penn and kim car dation. whoa. right back with p and p. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx.
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it has the agility and the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. see your lexus dealer. ♪ bill: time for pinheads and patriots. tv performers and movie stars realize there's good pr in doing stuff for chargey. -- charity. ladies and gentlemen in this
8:55 pm
corner, kim kardashian. >> oh my god, i've never been hit so hard. i've never been in pain like this before. bill: i think kim was in the white? was that right? i couldn't recognize her even if she didn't have headgear she raised more than $10,000 for the dream foundation. she's a patriot. on the pinhead front geraldo caught up with sean penn in haiti. >> i think the positive reporting, reporting of positive actions by the united states, you and you are two americans talking, i can say has been unbelievable. unbelievable. and meant and felt. the military i've been dealing with the 82nd airborne are people that they me aspiring to a new level. bill: wow! for once in his life mr. penn
8:56 pm
is praising his country. is it too late? must he always be a pinhead or is redemption at hand? you make the call. another spectacular deal. if you buy a signed copy, a signed copy of bold fresh we will send you free this nifty american patriot pen which i am using right now. we are in the late january doldrums and you have been a very loyal audience we are launching this pro phroegsal to liven -- blow al to liven things up. this is the pen it's a great pen we are giving it to you free. are we crazy? yes. but we love you. now the mail. suzanne: o'reilly congressman kucinich could not answer your question, i will. you can't make a living spewing hatred and lies at fellow americans. joe: apparently msnbc was removed
8:57 pm
from the cable ban in august i believe the catfish channel replaced it. john: mr. o, i agree msnbc and others do not cover the news in a fair way but i would take congressman cue niche -- congressman kucinich's threat, the obama administration would not open that door they would get hammered. the government would take the ratings of fox news and redistribute them among the less fortunate cable news channel. mr. o'reilly you can hardly call your debate with kucinich spirited he dodged your questions. i would have forced him to answer. are we talking a felony here brice? you would have forced him? by not answering he answered that's what bernie goldberg said. nicki: i couldn't agree with the congressman more. stop crowing about your ratings o'railey it is
8:58 pm
unbecoming. not crowing madame, just reporting. night just my ratings hannity and greta dominated during the massachusetts vote count as well. the stories about a shift in america to the right and ratings are at fnc are a big part of the story with all due respect you need wise up. heather: will the bold fresh tour come to boston,? we deserve it. i'll try to make that happen but i want barney frank to introduce us. all three movie theaters showing the bold fresh show next saturday night are sold out will there be another showing? live show january 30th, across the country encore tuesday february 2nd, check bold for a theater near you. dr. rockville, maryland. my 13-year-old son instantly
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